BBC美食杂志BBC Good Food Middle East – August-September 2020

BBC美食杂志《BBC Good Food》BBC美食杂志BBC Good Food Middle East – August-September 2020插图
BBC Good Food是BBC英国广播公司所属的杂志之一。它的内容是关于烹饪技术的报导与介绍。只要是有关于厨艺的部分,本杂志都会涵盖到。
This magazine is produced by the BBC. It is one of Britain’s best food and drink magazines. BBC Good Food is packed with foolproof recipes for every occasion, whether you’re having a quiet night in on your own or throwing a three-course dinner party. BBC Good Food is sure to have something to tempt everyone’s taste buds. It has simple but tasty food, quick and easy recipes and cake-baking classics. This magazine brings together recipes from the world’s top chefs to give every meal time a much needed boost.
这本杂志是由英国广播公司制作,它是英国最好的食物和饮料的杂志之一。BBC Good Food是挤满了万无一失的配方适合各种场合,无论你是在为你自己一个安静的夜晚或抛出三道菜的晚餐晚会。BBC良好的食品肯定有东西吊足了大家的味蕾,它具有简单而美味的食物,方便快捷的食谱和制饼经典之作。该杂志汇集了来自世界顶级厨师食谱一起给每个吃饭时间更需要的推动力。

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